Sunday, September 18, 2011


We are making some head way this year.  FINALLY!

D.S. is improving daily on his 'want to' attitude.  D.D. has challenged herself to read.  I guess she will do it now.  Of course, this is the D.D. way.

Both kids favorite subject has to be the Bible.  They both enjoy singing and dancing so yes, this is our favorite thing to do. Normally both participate in the others class.
The DVD are recorded with poor sound quality though, and we are have time issues because I need to purchase another TV.  We have tried a few speakers for the laptop, but it hasn't helped much.  sigh, as we travel this is another problem we encountered too.  I bought a 900 dollar laptop to solve it.  Now, I have to find some speakers to make it roar.

D.D. has been attended both classes and its funny how the first grader is answering the 4th graders questions.  HA!  Maybe this is D.S.'s new found inspiration.