Saturday, November 6, 2010

A little enlightenment Goes Far...

Recently I have had the chance to study a GREAT Bible Study. Beth Moore's A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place. I simply LOVED IT. Had such great history, and she is a great teacher. I guess the best part was her love of doing it. She is so covered with the love of God that it spills into the pages and she teaches us what the Lord has taught her. GO GET THIS BIBLE STUDY, its GREAT!!!!

I have seen peeps, drag, moan, and complain in everything they do whether it be wiping a kids nose, working hard at their job task, or even having fun (ex. its too hot, its too cold, im to tired to do this or that) People Wake up! You have one shot, one life, and if you dont enjoy every single min. of it then its your loss...

Now, I would like to clarify a bit... I do not mean living to the extreme, we all will meet God one day, and we will have to answer for every action, word, and deed that we take part in... I sure hope he tells me WELL DONE. I am working on it, but I fail time after time... I do see the beauty all around me. Esp the beauty of people, all of them. The ones who are floundering. The ones who are boring, the ones who are what the world calls 'uncool' I love them all... got to admit though, I am not good at getting along with them all yet... pray for me there too!

He who has start a work in you will finish it! Even though it takes a life time!

Nov. 6th 2010

I know its been an awful long time since I blogged.... I would like to say we have been BUSY! DD: has made loads of progress with reading and her math is zooming. DS: he has learned to enjoy reading, but we are working on it. We are starting the process of writing which has been as fun as a trip to the dentist... UGG! I will NOT give up! I wont let him either.

On a lighter note, my trip with God is in overdrive. I have been restored, renewed, and enlightened by the Father above... Praise the Lord. DS: accepted the Lord in his heart July 31st 2010... the holy spirit was all over my house, and I didnt even realize that my son was being called to the kingdom of heaven... WOW! So glad God gave me the chance to be his mom! W2G Dylan!

We are visiting Yorktown Va. Since Aug. we have been to Pennington, AL, Courtland, AL, and Yorktown, VA. Its starting to get cold, and our southgeorgia skin is showing through. BRRRRR! and its only 57 degrees...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

JUNE - JULY 2009

We have traveled a lot year and wow, the things we have learned. One of our newest addition to our adventure has been Geocaching. We love to hunt boxes in awesome and great locations. I would recommend to anyone who enjoys the outdoors to check into this "sport."

In June, 2009, we headed up the country to Ticonderoga, NY... Amazing country... Beautiful mountains, huge lakes, and wow..... cows??? I guess being a southern belle all my like I never expected upstate NY to have such a rural atmosphere....

Most of the month, we hung out climbed 4 mountains, swam in the lakes of Champlain, and we had the BEST ICE CREAM EVER!!!

This was a very nice hike to our "box"... Once at the top, we had to sit right there and rest!!!