Monday, June 8, 2009

Today was Great

Our adventure at the library.  For the longest time, I have been avoiding the library.  Up until today, the library has been an experience of total embarrassment for me since the birth of my adorable and controlling daughter, Mandy.  She was awesome, and she obeyed, and she respected others.  I am thrilled.  Hopefully, this day will be repeated over and over again.
Another goal I set for ds was locating his own book.  He was successful.  To the card catalog, entered info, and located the book, with a little help from me.
We had a great first day of school, and they accomplished much.  This is going to be the best year yet!

I write this now for encouraging words in the up coming months>>> HAHAHA 

The First Day...

Tomorrow is the first day.  I have studied and I am prepared.  We are going at it full force and I have a surprise for the first day.  A trip to the library!  Dylan has a science project dealing with magnets.  So I am going to send him after this book.  Mandy was a bit more challenging to imagine what she needed to pick, so I came up with the idea she has to find a book with the letter F in the title... ?  She liked the idea and that's all that matter's.  Now we are set, and I am very excited to start that whole ordeal...
We are still waiting for Dylan's cursive writing book, and one more book of time.  We can deal with these two lacking books for the moment...  Until tomorrow folks... GOOD NIGHT!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wow. I am totally impressed!

Well, our box has arrived and my ig's are put together...  Now for the planning.

Dylan, who is very much anti-schoolwork, is driving me nuts to get started!  YEAH.  He even commented that these books look awesome.  Maybe (keep fingers crossed) he will love reading and blossom this year.  Mandy is a handful and we are dealing with a very sassy attitude.  She is doing quite well with her schooling and at the moment she is at a good level.

Now I have to figure out how to work and educate both kids with this curriculum.  I may have to quit working..  God let me make the right choice.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It is BOX DAY!

To start things off, I need to let you guys in on our history.  This past year was our first complete year of homeschooling.  My focus for my ds,  was Math, adding and subtraction, basic grouping ideas, and manipulative's.  Another goal for him was Reading.  To be quite honest, he hated to read.  This really was disturbing to me, so I have tried this past to invite him to the world of reading in a good way.  Which it turned out to be like a trip to the sand spur patch without shoes on my feet!
In March, I remembered a great series of books that I read in middle school, The Boxcar Children! Each night, I would tuck everyone in and start to read.  I guess I am guilty of "tricking him?"  :0
I would read until there was a great part, and then I would have to go for instance, change the laundry, etc!  He eventually picked the book up and started reading!!!!
So to wrap the history up for my ds, I concentrated on what he needed!
My dd, learnt most of her letters, sounds, numbers, basic addition, and crafting!!!  Lol, Pre K was GREAT!  She soaks in everything and always wants more work!

This 'school year' I have purchased Sonlight.  I am ecstatic.  I have been preparing for about two weeks, hyping the kids up, cleaning out the old and so ready for the new!!!

We will start working our new materials next Monday.  Our job slows down for us in the summer which allows more complete focus.  The winter months, which are their birthdays, we take off. I wasn't sure where to start ds.  For him, I chose Core 1 with Readers 2 Intermediate, LA 2, Science 1, handwriting without tears, Art, and Bible.  DD will do the K program.  I went ahead and bought the beginning readers and readers 1 because she goes through stuff quickly.  Even if she doesn't get to them this year, she will eventually!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This is my first entry and I hope I give you a good one!  

Our Sonlight Curriculum will arrive June 3rd, 2009.  I am so excited, and I can wait to get started!
My dd, darling daughter, will be starting Core K.  My ds, darling son, will be doing Core 1 with Reading 2 intermediate...  Plus, both are doing science, history, art, Math-U-see, and Language Arts. 
Whew, It should be a busy year for me!!!  

Just in case you were wondering, we are starting our new school year next Monday...