Wednesday, April 14, 2010

JUNE - JULY 2009

We have traveled a lot year and wow, the things we have learned. One of our newest addition to our adventure has been Geocaching. We love to hunt boxes in awesome and great locations. I would recommend to anyone who enjoys the outdoors to check into this "sport."

In June, 2009, we headed up the country to Ticonderoga, NY... Amazing country... Beautiful mountains, huge lakes, and wow..... cows??? I guess being a southern belle all my like I never expected upstate NY to have such a rural atmosphere....

Most of the month, we hung out climbed 4 mountains, swam in the lakes of Champlain, and we had the BEST ICE CREAM EVER!!!

This was a very nice hike to our "box"... Once at the top, we had to sit right there and rest!!!