Sunday, September 18, 2011


We are making some head way this year.  FINALLY!

D.S. is improving daily on his 'want to' attitude.  D.D. has challenged herself to read.  I guess she will do it now.  Of course, this is the D.D. way.

Both kids favorite subject has to be the Bible.  They both enjoy singing and dancing so yes, this is our favorite thing to do. Normally both participate in the others class.
The DVD are recorded with poor sound quality though, and we are have time issues because I need to purchase another TV.  We have tried a few speakers for the laptop, but it hasn't helped much.  sigh, as we travel this is another problem we encountered too.  I bought a 900 dollar laptop to solve it.  Now, I have to find some speakers to make it roar.

D.D. has been attended both classes and its funny how the first grader is answering the 4th graders questions.  HA!  Maybe this is D.S.'s new found inspiration.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

thanks to the service men and women for all their greatness they share with us.

We had a great picnic at the river. No school today! We did some 4 wheeler riding, swam a little, played football, and really enjoyed hanging out with each other.

We will do school... TOMORROW!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Our first part of the new year has been BUSY! First Grade is coming along nicely. Daughter M. is slowly getting adjusted to this new learning style. She loves it most the time. I am seeing she is getting a bit bored in the last few days. I am going to take that as a sign that she understands the material. LOL!

Son D. 4th grade has been DIFFICULT! He has not made the adjustment well. He does not want to do it, and He does not see the need in this stuff. LOL, normal ten year old. He has been a hands on learner from the beginning so seat work is really hard for him. We are making progress though. Slow and steady wins the race. We will keep on plugging along day by day. This is a complete pep talk for myself.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Switch

I will have to be very honest. The conversion has been hard on me. Trying to get used to schooling again has be a little bumpy, but well worth it. I am pleased with every bit of the program thus far. The Bible is great. Costomer service is outstanding, and the teacher are actually there for you.

So Far so good!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


We have started a new journey recently. We are trying to re-school ourselves. LOL, the process hasn't been as painful as I first imagined. Dylan is having a bit of trouble staying focused and simply doing the 'penmanship.' The way I see it, this subject is meaningful, but not mentally challenging, thus Dylan is not going to pay much attention to it. Another hurdle I have found has been his testing. I am still having to watch the videos and retest him on some ideas. HE LOSES FOCUS! Anyway, Dylan's Favorite Subject right now, BIBLE! YEAH!

Mandy, my driven child, she is completing 2 per day. she wants to catch up with Dylan. still working on proficient reading skills. Her comprehension and math skills seem to be up to par. Mandy's Favorite Subject right now, BIBLE! DOUBLE YEAH!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We are switching to ABEKA!

Due to my current job schedule and recent acceptance into the OSHA program, I am going to use Abeka DVD learning for the next year. Nervous YES! Scared, A little! Am i disappointed in Sonlight, NO WAY! We are just having to do what we have to do!

So will update and post pics of the arrival of our new curriculum! LATER!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Dylan... sitting at the table driving his cars through the modeling clay says... "ITS ALWAYS TODAY"

Its always today... The more i think and ponder on this I am amazed by the wisdom of children. Not just my own, but all kids have the gift, until scarred by us to know certain truths. How easy it is to get so busy with life. The amazing idea... IT IS TODAY! No waiting for tomorrow for it will never come, and yesterday cant be changed or alter, it was after all another today that has passed...

We have today, we have this moment, we will have forever. No doubts from this blogger. My forever is locked in by the blood of Jesus who died on a cross for all sinners so that we may HAVE LIFE!

Wow, Its always today!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas down Birthday's next

2010 was great. Many ideas and concepts mastered. Dylan is reading great. Multiplying/division is coming along. Mandy is mastering her phonic skills and she is excelling in math... Yeah! Next step, NARRATIVE WRITING for Dylan... oh my this has been a CHALLENGE. Onward solider, we march...

After Christmas, we must start our birthday fiestas... Dylan and Mandy were born 3 years and 11 days apart. This year we are combining their parties. They weren't extremely thrilled with this idea, but birthday cakes and ice cream sure will smooth over everything. :)

We will being having the party within the next two weeks! Yikes! Better step up my game and get busy!