Thursday, March 10, 2011


We have started a new journey recently. We are trying to re-school ourselves. LOL, the process hasn't been as painful as I first imagined. Dylan is having a bit of trouble staying focused and simply doing the 'penmanship.' The way I see it, this subject is meaningful, but not mentally challenging, thus Dylan is not going to pay much attention to it. Another hurdle I have found has been his testing. I am still having to watch the videos and retest him on some ideas. HE LOSES FOCUS! Anyway, Dylan's Favorite Subject right now, BIBLE! YEAH!

Mandy, my driven child, she is completing 2 per day. she wants to catch up with Dylan. still working on proficient reading skills. Her comprehension and math skills seem to be up to par. Mandy's Favorite Subject right now, BIBLE! DOUBLE YEAH!

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